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The Top Unnecessary Products Marketers Want You to Purchase

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You see them everywhere – advertisements for products that promise to make your life safer, easier, and more convenient. But oftentimes, these products are unnecessary and don’t actually achieve what they promise. Here are some of the top unnecessary products that marketers want you to purchase.

  1. As Seen On TV Gadgets: You’ve seen them on television – those little gadgets that promise to simplify tasks like opening jars, peeling potatoes, or cleaning up messes with a single swipe. While these products may be cute, they are often unnecessary and offer very limited utility.
  2. Single-Use Kitchen Appliances: Many kitchen appliances, such as bread makers, ice cream makers, and electric griddles, are only used once in a while and require a lot of space to store. These products can be expensive and take up a lot of counter space, so they’re best avoided unless they’re used regularly.
  3. Automated Cleaning Devices: Vacuum cleaners, robot mops, and other automated cleaning devices promise to make cleaning your home easier and more efficient. However, these products can be expensive and require ongoing maintenance, making them an unnecessary expense for many people.
  4. Clothing Steamer: Clothing steamers are advertised to make it quick and easy to get rid of wrinkles on clothes, but the truth is, most clothing can easily be wrinkle-free using the old-fashioned method of hanging and airing out the clothes.
  5. Miracle Beauty Products: Miracle beauty products are everywhere – from ones that promise to erase wrinkles overnight to those that encourage you to stop wearing makeup altogether. While there are some legitimate beauty products out there that can help improve skin health, most miracle beauty products don’t live up to their hype.
  6. Life Insurance: Life insurance is touted by many as a way to protect your loved ones in case something happens to you. While this is true, life insurance is often unnecessarily expensive and can be difficult to justify financially.
  7. Subscription Services: From meal delivery services to subscription boxes, there are a plethora of subscription services out there that promise to make your life easier and more enjoyable. But these services can be expensive and often involve long-term contracts, making them a bad investment for most people.
  8. Home Security Systems: Home security systems can be a great way to protect your home and property, however they can be costly and come with additional fees and contracts. Make sure to weigh the options before investing in a home security system. (See The Sad Reality About Home Security Systems)
  9. Extended Warranties: Many products come with extended warranties that promise to repair and replace the product if something goes wrong. While these warranties can provide peace of mind, they can also be expensive and unnecessary.
  10. Store Credit Cards: Store credit cards may offer discounts in exchange for signing up, but the interest rates on these cards can be high and the benefits may not outweigh the cost.
  11. Personal GPS Navigation Systems: Smartphones have made personal GPS navigation systems all but obsolete. Most smartphones have built-in GPS, making them just as accurate (if not more accurate) than dedicated personal navigation systems.

No matter what marketers tell you, it pays to be a smart shopper. By being aware of the unnecessary products on the market, you can avoid wasting your money on items that don’t add value to your life.

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