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Top Articles You Buy Because of Marketing (And How Dumb They Are!)

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Marketing is an art of convincing people to buy something they don’t need, even the most experienced consumer can fall for it. Many companies rely on marketing tricks to make us believe we simply can’t live without their products. There are certain items so unnecessary that they belong on a ‘dumb scale’. Here’s our top list of articles you’re probably buying because of marketing – and how dumb they are!

  1. Fidget Spinners (Level 9 Dumb): Fidget spinners were all the rage in 2017, but experts now agree that they never actually helped people concentrate in the first place. Not only are these spinners totally unnecessary, but their ubiquity made them a complete nuisance.
  2. Subscription Boxes (Level 8 Dumb): Companies love subscription boxes because they generate recurring revenue – but consumers may find them more trouble than they’re worth. Subscription boxes can be a waste of money if you don’t monitor the contents carefully.
  3. Extended Warranties (Level 6 Dumb): Extended warranties can cost anywhere from 10-50% of the purchase price, but rarely provide real value. Most products come with a standard one-year warranty and are built to last. Unless there’s a specific risk of a product malfunctioning, you’re likely better off just buying the product instead of spending extra on an extended warranty.
  4. Weight Loss Pills (Level 10 Dumb): Promoters of weight-loss pills claim they can help you quickly shed that excess holiday weight, but the evidence suggests otherwise. In many cases, these pills can be dangerous to your health, making it not even worth the risk!
  5. Expensive Shoes (Level 5 Dumb): Many consumers believe that having designer shoes makes them more attractive, so they market these expensive shoes as status symbols. The truth is, most people won’t even notice the difference between expensive shoes and their cheaper counterparts.
  6. Phone Cases (Level 5 Dumb): Everyone wants their phone to stay safe, but that doesn’t mean you need to buy the most expensive phone case. Phone cases aren’t typically expensive, but marketers exploit this fact by convincing people that their phone cases must also be fashionable.
  7. Home Decor (Level 6 Dumb): Shopping for home decor can be fun and exciting, but take care not to let the excitement overwhelm you. Many people buy expensive decorations and furniture that they don’t really need. Be sure to consider the cost-to-benefit ratio before making any big purchases.
  8. Personalized Products (Level 7 Dumb): Personalized products are everywhere these days, and while they can have sentimental value, they’re often completely unnecessary. Before buying any personalized product, consider whether it will actually be useful or if it’s just a way for a company to make a profit.

It’s easy to get caught up in the hype of marketing campaigns and buy something that doesn’t offer real value. The next time you find yourself scrolling through ads, remember to consult the ‘dumb scale’ before making any impulse purchases.

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