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10 Things You Should Never Gift to Kids (And What To Give Instead!)

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When it comes to kids, it’s a minefield when it comes to picking the right presents. It’s so important to make sure your child – no matter what age – is excited about their gift. However, it can be difficult when it comes to finding the best things to give them.

It’s natural to want to shower your children with gifts, but it’s also important to be thoughtful about what you give them. Here are ten things that you should never ever gift to your kids:

  1. Weapons – It might seem like a good idea to give your young one a pretend weapon or toy gun, but this isn’t a wise decision. Keep your children away from violent or aggressive toys and activities.
  2. Electronics – While it may seem convenient to get your child an iPod, tablet, or phone, these electronics aren’t good for developing minds. Let them explore the world of imagination before giving them a screen.
  3. Dangerous Toys – Toys that require electricity or have sharp edges should always be avoided. Even if the toy works perfectly, there’s always the risk of an accident occurring. Avoid giving your child any kind of hazardous toy.
  4. Cleaning Supplies – Though it might seem like a practical gift, cleaning supplies isn’t something that will help children learn or grow. It’s important to encourage your kids to get messy, so keep the mops and brooms out of sight.
  5. Expensive Items – It’s common to think that pricier gifts are better, but this isn’t always the case. Children won’t necessarily understand the value of expensive gifts, and it only adds to their expectations later in life.
  6. Advanced Books – Though reading is incredibly beneficial, you should find books at the right level of difficulty. Too advanced and the child may not understand the text, too easy and they may become bored. Find age appropriate books that your child will enjoy reading.
  7. Educational Games – There’s nothing wrong with giving your kid educational games and puzzles, but too many will become boring quickly. Rather than buying all educational gifts, mix it up and give them something to explore and use their imaginations.
  8. Junk Food – Steer clear of giving your child junk food as a gift. Though it may seem like a treat, introduce them to healthier snacks and sweets instead. This means no chips, cookies, or candy.

If you’re looking for the perfect present for your child, the best thing you can give them is something that encourages play, exploration, and creativity. Here are some great alternatives to the items above:

  1. Art & Craft Supplies – Great for unleashing their creativity and having fun.
  2. Building Blocks – These are perfect for helping them learn and explore new structures.
  3. Music Instruments – From maracas and drums to xylophones and harmonicas, these are perfect for making music fun.
  4. Building Sets – Everything from model planes and robots to houses and boats – let their imaginations go wild.
  5. Dress Up Clothes – Perfect for exploring different roles and stories.

Gifting your child doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. Have some imagination and get creative! By avoiding these ten items and opting for these alternatives, you’ll be sure to get them the perfect present.

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