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8 Life Changing Stoic Teachings  You Should Apply Today

by Viana R.

In recent times, the notion of stoicism has been a trending topic for many people across the world. This school of thought has become increasingly popular amongst modern-day life coach and leadership experts, providing an ancient and reliable source of guidance to help individuals unlock their full potential.

Stoicism’s roots originate from Ancient Greece and even today, the core principles of the philosophy remain valid and inspirational to many aspiring stoics. This article will explore the top 8 better stoic teachings that everyone should learn in order to make the most out of the present moment and find peace within.

  • Self-Mastery
    Developing a high level of self-mastery is at the foundation of stoicism. A concept embracing control, discernment, and an awareness of one’s emotions. Acting purposefully, rather than impulsively, is key. Furthermore, it involves discerning when to act and how to response in certain situations. In short, being mindful of one’s thoughts and decisions is essential.
  • Wisdom
    The journey of gaining knowledge can never be completed, as there is always something new to discover. In stoicism, wisdom plays an important role in expanding our horizons and allowing us to question, reflect and unpick life’s complexities.
  • Morality
    Being ethical in all matters of life is essential to stoicism and makes sure we live with integrity, following what fits our definition of morality.
  • Contentment
    The practice of contentment reinforces the importance of understanding that we can never be truly satisfied by what the outside world provides us with. We must look within ourselves for happiness and cultivate our own unique joys.
  • Courage
    One of the most important traits of a successful stoic is courage. This means having faith in our decisions, trusting and believing in yourself, and taking ownership of mistakes.
  • Presence
    The power of presence and being in the moment can often be underestimated. This is due to the distractions of modern life, which can lead us to forget to appreciate the small and simple things that life has to offer us. The goal is to bring awareness to this process and try to stay grounded.
  • Resilience
    Building resilience is a key tenet of any successful stoic and involves cultivating the capacity of being able to cope with adversity, even when things don’t go according to plan.
  • Freedom
    Another important aspect of stoicism is the pursuit of true freedom. This involves liberation from external influences, the arrogance of wealth and status, and the practice of embracing uncertainty.

The wisdom of stoicism is truly timeless and provides a wonderful opportunity to explore the depths of the human psyche. Implementing such teachings and philosophies, can bring a profound sense of peace to all aspects of our lives, allowing us to move forward with more ease and grace.

Ultimately, the primary aim of stoicism is to cultivate inner peace and align our actions with our highest values, thereby living a life of purpose and meaning.

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